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Viral Marketing Strategies That Will Not Fail To Let The Word Out

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Viral marketing provides astonishing results to almost any online business, products or services. It is a vast source of “one-way” links, sales leads and targeted traffic. Yet, still several marketers are either not familiar with these techniques or does not recognize their capabilities or not taking complete advantage of what they call the “viral factor” in their online marketing efforts.

Viral marketing refers to the method of giving away or supplying something for free then permitting individuals to distribute or send out to others. Viral marketing’s main purpose is to circulate your message or promotion to as various individuals as possible yet not spending any money for promotion or advertising.

Generally, viral marketing strategies can be utilized by any online business or web site, be it small or big. Any online marketer can use such strategies provided is willing to devote some time to set certain steps into position. Viral marketing strategies done the right way will produce numerous benefits.

Simply put, the basic concept of all viral marketing strategies is to include a freebie in your ad that people can use or giveaway.

Benefits of viral marketing:

• Increase link popularity

• Increase or improves targeted traffic

• Builds brand recognition

• Generates targeted leads

• Automates marketing efforts

Types of viral marketing strategies:

1. Writing articles with resource box. Write articles pertaining to your service or products. Permit your recipients to reprint or copy your articles in their newsletter, website, e-zine, magazine or e-books. Your article must include or display your “resource box” as well as the option for reprints of articles at the bottom. When you have any affiliate program, then let your visitors add in an affiliate identification in your “resource box”.

2. Using forums and discussion boards. When you are capable of setting up a bulletin board or a forum, then you actually have an efficient marketing tool. You can invite and permit online users to utilize your “discussion board” in their website since many internet users do not have these tools.

Just remember to incorporate your banner at the board’s uppermost portion. If you are not capable of setting up a bulletin board or a forum, then you can browse the internet for hosting services that allows you to put up one for free.

3. Providing free website. When you are making use of a “dedicated server”, you are able to permit internet users to register for a web site for free on your own server. And because you gave away some space, you can oblige them or demand that they display your “banner ad” at the uppermost potion of their site.

4. Distributing free software. Permit your website visitors to distribute your software for free. Simply include your online business ad within the software. The internet provides numerous available tools that permit you to “brand” your software with messages and your contact information.

You can pay for the rights and then you have your own software for free! Or, there are programs available that permits you to make your very own software. Just search the internet!

5. Offering free graphics, banners, templates, etc. If you have the skill and talent for web design, then you can be able to make graphics, templates, banners etc., upload all to your website and allow your visitors to pass on your fonts, graphics, templates, banners etc., for free, of course. Simply display your ad onto your designs or oblige recipients that they “link directly” to your site. Also be certain that you incorporate a “link back” to your website in your “copyright notice” and oblige your recipients to hold intact your “copyright notice”.

6. Free redirect service. Permit your web visitors to impart your “free online service” to their visitors, web site, e-zine or newsletter subscribers. It can be a free e-mail, “search engine submissions”, e-mail consulting, etc. Let your imagination soar and think of things that you can offer for free.

Keep in mind that your marketing message that will be relayed or transmitted by any type of viral strategy should be brief and clear; likewise it should be simple for your visitor to obtain your free offer.

In the same way each free item should carry a very simple course through which a recipient is able to inform his links or friends about it, in order that they also can obtain your free offer and simultaneously be able to view your message then supply you with their email address and names.

Viral strategies are very powerful marketing tools; nonetheless, these are tools that require to be carefully used with substantial thought. When you are offering something for free, note that it needs to be of good quality, of value and targets the needs of your prospects.

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A Guide to Viral Marketing Techniques

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Viral marketing has garnered much attention today. The way it spreads a marketing message can be very effective. Internet viral marketing behaves like a virus, as the name implies. The marketing message has a tendency to be spread through virus-like activity.

There are many well-known ways of creating a fuzz through Internet viral marketing. One can utilize site links, referral programs and other viral marketing techniques to be able to reach his target audience. A bright idea is the start of the viral marketing venture and this is made operational through the right techniques.

This article tries to explain some of the other viral marketing techniques that are out there on the Internet. These are tools which can sometimes be overseen by the marketer because his vision of viral marketing is limited.

Here are some of the techniques which can be effective in spreading a marketing message:

Create an award

Awards catch attention. When someone or something is given an award, it creates fuzz in the target audience. One can look into award creation to be able to attract people and be successful in spreading the marketing message.

Distributing a free software

Everybody loves freebies! If one is competent in creating software programs for different applications, he can actually use them to as marketing tools. One must make sure, though, that the software contains some kind of advertisement containing the marketing message.

Providing free email account

This is the technique that was employed by hotmail when it initially started. Every person who signed up for their free email account carried the marketing message. This simple idea turned hotmail into a craze and its owners into millionaires. Although doing the same thing today may not emulate the results which were generated by hotmail, but it still is an effective way of marketing.

Providing free web space

Again, freebies are loved by everyone. If one has the option to give free web space to enthusiasts, he can do so. This is a way of effectively marketing a message since people will be intrigued and enticed by the free web space offer. One can make a deal with the people who would want to get some free web space. One can demand to put up his logo, or the marketing mechanism in the website that will be developed by the one who availed the free web space.
Creating a top 100 site

Viral marketing can be seen as a game of getting hits from the Internet users. A “top 100” website is very popular for people who are researching for something or engaged in plain web surfing. They would like to get quick information about the best websites that are out there. The problem of too much information on the Internet can be used as an effective tool for viral marketing.

Offering free e-cards

The keyword here is, again- Free!

Offering free graphics, banners, templates

If one is involved in doing artworks, he can publicize his works and offer them to different people who might want to use them for their own purposes. Again, one must be creative in using these media in marketing.

Offering free consultation

If one is a specialist in a certain area, he can offer free services for a certain period of time or for a certain topic and use this opportunity to relay his marketing message.

Offering specialized link directory

People are always looking for specialized link directories. This is connected to the problem of having too much information in the Internet. Sometimes, people just want to get information faster.

Free newsletter with bonuses

Newsletters can directly contain the marketing message that one would want to convey, but of course, people should have some incentive to look at the newsletters.

Free redirect service.

Linking with other websites can be used as a viral marketing tool. There are many people who are doing this right now.

Free screensavers

In using screensavers, one should have a general theme so that people can identify with them.

Free autoresponder service

An autoresponder service is a program which automatically responds to emails that are sent to the responder.

Free email course

A free email course can be used by marketers since it is a good way to learn and get information about the basics of getting connected through the net.

Writing articles and distributing them for reprint

If one is a good writer, he can write articles and use them to be able to convey his message. The articles may not necessarily contain the message itself but arrangements should made by the marketer with the other party.

Using forums and discussion boards (using signatures)

If one has a discussion board in his website, he might as well let people use it for free. An advertisement at the top of the discussion board will definitely be an effective way to market the website.

Start your own affiliate program (one of the best method to generating traffic and sales!)

Affiliate programs give incentives to webmasters to put up your banners into their websites. This is one of the most popular viral marketing techniques today.

Joint Ventures

Special arrangements can be made with the webmasters so as to maximize the potentials of the banners and minimize the cost of putting them up.

Provide free guestbook

Providing a free guestbook will attract people because it is an avenue where they can share their ideas and these ideas will eventually be read by others.

Provide free forum

Forums are quite popular. People love to have conversations and forums are one of the main reasons why people visit a certain website.

These are just some of the ways on how a marketer can spread his message through the Internet. There may be other ways of doing viral marketing and marketers are encouraged to look at these possibilities.

Other Viral Marketing Techniques

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Since its inception, viral marketing technique has long been accepted as one of the best ways in generating good, “targeted” traffic to your site.

In fact, it has already established its footing in the business since the “hotmail epidemic” and the “dancing baby” was first disseminated. With the success of these two primary concepts of viral marketing, most businesses have already devised some ways on how to make the most out of viral marketing.

For this reason, various viral marketing techniques have been created that can be used to economically distribute their promotions and marketing messages to possible customers in a global perspective.

Today, there are as many forms of viral marketing techniques as there are consumers getting access to the Internet, all of them seeking for information worthy of sharing to their friends. Hence, for those who are not yet quite familiar with the other viral marketing techniques that can be twice as good and effective as the usual forms of viral marketing techniques, here is a list of the additional techniques that you can make use of:

1. Providing free email account

Getting a free item is an absolute gift. This is because it is not everyday that people get to hook up in the Internet and get something for free, right? But the idea of getting a free email account is doubly fun.

For so many years now, emails have always proven its viability to both the consumers and the businesses. In viral marketing, emails have been one of the most feasible and effective tools especially to those who are still new in the business, those who have small business, or any ventures that cannot simply afford to have big budgets for their promotions or marketing.

The concept behind the wonders of providing free email account is that people, who would like to be connected in today’s “wired world,” would find the free email account as an absolute solution to their Internet needs. This is especially true for those who cannot afford the high costs of email providers nowadays.

2. Create an award

In viral marketing, generating awards or loyalty points are very effective in creating a marketing epidemic. The concept behind this viral marketing technique is that by creating an award to a “webmaster,” which have painstakingly established and created good graphic designs on your site, you are actually creating a name for your business.

This happens when the receiver of the award would try to brag about his achievements and tell other people about the idea. In turn, you get to attract other people to visit your website. Not only that, with the backlinks that you have provided on their awards that are being displayed on their own sites, you can effortlessly lure other people to try what you have to offer on your website.

Besides, creating awards could only mean one thing — optimum exposure in the Internet. The more exposed your website is, the more people will get to know that your business exist.

3. Distributing a free software

One of the best techniques in generating good traffic through viral marketing is by means of distributing free software.

By offering a free tryout form of your software to your potential customers, you can easily instigate the probability of having them avail of the full version.

Besides, allowing your potential customers to try your software would compel them to share the “good news” to others if ever they are satisfied with your product. Hence, you get to market your product without employing expensive means.

4. Free screensavers

Screensavers are one of the most popular tools in the Internet nowadays. Thos who wanted to customize the look of their PC’s would love to use different styles of screensavers.

Therefore, by simply giving away free screensavers, you can automatically generate traffic to your site without the hassle of marketing your website the hard way. Once an individual is satisfied with your screensaver, he will most likely share it with his friends, and the rest as they say is history.

The good thing about it is that you get to reach hundred of people with just one click. Just keep in mind to place your business’ name and the web address in the screensaver that you will make.

You can have them easily made available in your own website or distribute them to some screensaver sites or software sites that would gladly display your craft.

5. Write articles and distribute them for reprint

With all the other viral techniques, this is probably the most common and at the same time, the most neglected technique.

It has been accepted that articles are one of the most viable means of generating sales and traffic in the Internet. The only problem with some Internet marketers is that they fail to do the process correctly. What they do not realize is that making an article is useless if the resource box is not present.

If you wish to make your site known and you would like others to reprint your articles, it is extremely important to always include your resource box. Otherwise, people who will read the articles will tend to miss the fact that you are an expert on the field and that you could offer more information by merely visiting your website.

All of these things are boiled down to the fact that viral marketing, in whatever technique you use, can absolutely generate more traffic to your site, boost your sales, and promote your website without the hassle of doing really hard work. It is the best that you can do for your site and for yourself, so grab one technique and start the ball rolling.

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Viral techniques to increase web traffic

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The term viral marketing seems to have a negative connotation due to its identification with the word virus, something that no one would want to catch ever. However, viral marketing is one of the most efficient tools made available to internet email marketers nowadays.

Viral marketing is an internet marketing tool which is made in such a way as to be capable of being passed on from on e person to another. It is called viral due to its ability to be passed on to a growing number of internet users through the email. Through viral marketing, an email message can reach thousands if not millions of people.

To the layman, viral marketing can be equated with network marketing or word of mouth. The use of viral marketing can be likened to a small fire but which catches everybody’s attention due to smoke which reaches every nook and cranny.
To be successful, viral marketing makes use of a product that has a universal appeal and which is freely and readily available to most people. Aside from easy transmission, the product must also be easily accessible to the receivers, for it to become viral.
Marketers who avail of viral marketing usually offer free products like e-book or e-videos which cater to the needs and interests of their target market. The product is usually passed on by the original target to his own set of friends or clients and the clients do the same until the product has reached millions of email users.
Viral techniques can be as easy as sending free email courses to target clients. Wanting their friends to benefit from the said service, the original targets pass on the free email courses until it creates a multiplier effect. Using email signatures can also increase traffic to your website. This is easily done by adding your website address and some comments below your name.
Offering free screensavers to computer users is also one way of creating an email database since those who want to download free screensavers are required to register using their email addresses. Once the client has logged in his email address, the internet marketer can do his job by sending emails redirecting the recipients to his website,
Setting up an affiliate program is also a viral marketing technique. This can b e accomplished by allowing users to refer customers to your site and giving them a certain percentage for each sale. Affiliate programs can be easily searched in the internet as these sites are submitted to affiliate directories.
Other website owners hire people to participate in discussion boards and forum and require them to use signatures that are linked to their websites. This method is quite effective because people from all walks of life participate in the forums and most often, they are redirected to the signature link. However, make sure you use forums that are related to your website to keep the interest of the forum posters. To achieve the desired goals, you respond to questions affixing your signature link.
One of the best viral techniques is the use of articles to increase website traffic. Under this technique, numerous articles of different topics are created and are redistributed for reprint in other websites but with a resource box which serves as a link to the original website. This way, the website owner who lacks articles and materials for his website benefits from the free articles. On the other hand, the article owner gets to advertise his website link for free in exchange for the article.
Among the most popular articles are do it yourself articles, how to articles, self employment articles and usually articles about beauty, health and money. People will always be drawn towards anything that will give them the most benefit at little cost.
Having a good website is a start but it is not the be-all and end-all of internet marketing. A website owner has to take advantage of email marketing tools to generate more traffic to his website. These marketing tools like the viral technique, does not cost much but requires creativity and persistence.
Another method to increase website traffic is to exchange links with other website owners who have products that are different from your website. By agreeing to interlink your websites, both websites benefit from the exposure they will get from their own clients.
No matter what viral technique you have chosen for your email marketing, you have to make sure that you generate enough interest to increase traffic to your website.

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Viral Marketing Technique Contagion

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Everyone who’s involved in marketing or advertising must master the art of reaching their target consumers in a fast, effective, easy and even cheapest way. There are lots of ways and means on how to touch prospective clients and the television is proven to be the most effective yet expensive way. Nevertheless, with the fast boom of technology, the Internet is now also considered as one of the easiest and comfortable avenue to disseminate product awareness.

The word “free”, perhaps, is the most compelling word in a marketer’s vocabulary and this is basically what Viral Marketing is all about. From the term itself, which is coined from the word “Virus”, viral marketing is a marketing technique which is similar to the spread of an epidemic that can reach others through word of mouth to increase brand consciousness.

Viral Marketing has been popular because it’s been proven to be more efficient than the others. It makes advertising easier, and it can obtain a high and rapid response rate at a relative low-cost. Remember, if one likes a particular service, a person will tell it to his friend then his friend will pass it to her friend, therefore, a word or mouth marketing starts. However, one main weakness of this technique is that messages, which are usually send through e-mails may look like spam mails, thus creating a bad impression on the brand and without knowing it, the said promotional messages will just be sent to the e-mail’s trash bin.

One typical example of viral marketing is the wherein the tactic goes like this. They give away free e-mail service, then every message they sent has a simple tag at the bottom which says “Get your private, free email at“. On the other hand, those who receives the e-mail will be able to see the note below the message and it will encourage them to get their own e-mail address with hotmail since it is just for free then the list goes on, the propelling of message to reach a number of recipients hence increasing social networks.

There are several types of viral messages and methods of transmission. One type is the pass-along message which encourages users to pass the message to others. One example of this is chain letters which prompts readers at the end of the message to forward the e-mail to a number of users believing that they’ll get good luck if forwarded and bad luck if done otherwise. Another form would be the infamous anonymous matching on which requires a user to create a list of friends or acquaintances they secretly crush on. A match only happens if the object of their affection responds by logging in and does the same. Most of these services allow users to email anonymous messages notifying them that a concealed person fancies them. Hopeful romantics become hooked up on this marketing as they aim to find out if their crush also feels the same for them.

Also, the process of dissemination can occur in various ways. It may be through word of web where it converts web-based information into an e-mail. One classic example is the article from wherein there’s a link that encourages someone to send a particular article to a friend. Another sample would be the word of email, which is considered to be the most common type. It’s just the simple forwarding and exchanging of e-mails such as jokes and the like. But perhaps, the fastest mode of transmission would be through instant messaging such as Yahoo messenger, ICQ, Google and MSN since this is the most popular among young people and a link referred by a friend is more likely safe than by some unknown sender through e-mails.

Sometimes marketing companies even offer rewards or special offers for referring customers, encouraging the use of the aforementioned methods. Freebies and discounts can be music to the ear of everyone especially if acquiring them is just as easy as counting from one to three. This is probably one of the main reasons why marketers prefer this technique among others.

For a viral marketing technique to be successful, an effortless transfer of marketing message to others is important and this works famously on the internet because on the spot transmission is a lot undemanding and less costly. Also, from a marketing point of view, it is essential that the message to be transferred is simple to avoid degradation. In short, the principle of KISS must be followed. Keep it short and simple so that marketing message would not trigger the recipient to aim their mouse pointer to the “report as spam” button.