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Linked Messenger Review without Footrpint Optimizing Linkedin for Online Marketing

Published / by Sir Timan
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For most people Linkedin is social media for professional network. It is how you put your professional profile and connect with other professionals. But like any other social media, Linkedin is a promising tool for marketing activity. You are connected with numbers of people and they are a prospective target.


It is highly understandable that doing online marketing activity on Linkedin is difficult to restriction of the service. Limitations to send messages become the biggest handicap and make it so much hassle to send marketing messages to your contacts. It is like waste of asset when you don’t optimize Linkedin for marketing and lucky for you, with Linked Messenger this issue is no longer relevant. This software is an advanced tool to easily control your Linkedin account and optimize its potential for online marketing.


Once you installed this software in your desktop computer and login to Linkedin, you can easily download first level contact and organize them. You can easily create personalized email message to each contact without any hassle and without wasting too much time. More importantly you can send unlimited emails to those contacts using this application. Don’t miss the opportunity to get this software on discounted price. Get your own Linked Messenger today!




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Directory Submitter PRO Review – Submission Process Made So Much Easier and Faster with BONUS Download

Published / by Sir Timan
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directory submitter review



What is Directory Submitter PRO?

Directory Submitter PRO is a 100% Automated desktop software with which you can submit Unlimited URLs to more than 300+ Web Directories with just 1 click submissions.

Generating traffic is the core idea of SEO and one of the most important method of SEO is creating a live links to your website. By submitting your site into different website directories, the higher the SEO value and you can expect a traffic increase. However, submitting website into directories is quote manual work and it can be really irritating.


Directory Submitter PRO Demo

Completing submission process can last several minutes and you can do the math how much time needed to submit into hundreds of directories and not to mention tracking those links to keep it life. That’s one hell of a job for any webmaster and with multiple websites to manage, it can be overwhelming. Good news for us all, there’s an ultimate solution and that is Directory Submitter PRO. This is a directory submission software and it is one of its kind. This software will make automatic website submission to different directories.


Directory Submitter PRO Price

Directory Submitter Pro price


You will only need to provide the submission of the website on this software interface and with a single click, the website will be automatically submitted into more than 300 directories. Within few minutes you can complete the whole process usually take months to complete. Even better, you will get updated report on each and every link submitted to track your SEO process.


More Directory Submitter PRO Features

  • Desktop software: Very fast installation process newbie friendly
  • Easy submissions: just fill your name, email and submit to 300+ directories
  • Instant report: In 60 second your get fast backlinks
  • 1 Click submissions: all will be autopilot when your hit the submit button
  • Instant email approvals: some directory will get you up to 5 days to be approved and will send by email to check it.
  • Higher ranking: Get more rank on search engine with Directory Submitter PRO



Directory Submitter PRO BONUS



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Reasons on Why Choose Social Robot?

Published / by Sir Timan
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The name of the robot represents its function. Clearly, it will help you to get more sociable. Oh wait, is it about you? Approximately, it is about you and your business. If you think that you really need to hire an expert to optimize the search engine optimization, then you probably have to think twice. Think twice because using Social Robot is a lot easier; think twice because using Social Robot is a lot more beneficial; think twice because using Social Robot is a good way to save more time and money as well!

Social Robot Features:

– Gets you first page rankings, FAST!
– Builds over 500+ high-quality bookmarks to ANY
URL that you want
– has one-click posting capabilities so it does ALL
the work for you in ONE click!
– the pro version has a built-in drip feeding option
to give your campaigns that natural feel
– allows you to export full reports of your campaigns
– and much MUCH more!

Social Robot In Action:

The Social Robot is a tool that enables you to optimize the search engine optimization in your blog. It will make your traffic hectic in less than 24 hours. It understands you better than your mother (unless your mother is an expert of this), and it takes your business blog or informative blog to a higher level.

More features:

– One-Click Posting: Once your project is configured,
all you need to do is click ONE button and SR will
take it from there and do it ALL!

– Powerful Scheduler: Give your campaigns that
natural feel by taking advantage of our powerful
scheduling module.

– Export Campaigns: Easily export your campaigns
with ONE click! Perfect for reporting to your clients

– Live Link Checker: Run a quick check to verify
your links have been posted. You can also export
only the live links.

– Multithreaded: Configure your setting as you please
with the ability to run up to 200 threads at a time for
ULTRA fast speed!

– Full Proxy and Captchas support for an amazing
success ratio!

– Multiple CMS Support: SocialRobot supports all
the major bookmarking platforms including Pligg,
PHPDug, Scuttle, ScuttlePlus, GetBoo, and many more

– and there’s still many many more amazing features!

The software comes along with video tutorial, as well as manual instructions. And the most importantly, it enables you to reach hundreds, thousands, even millions of internet users to get hooked in your websites. One important key besides getting your web in traffic is that you have to keep it good, making the visitors able to come back again and again.

>>> Get Social Robot Now <<<

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