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Advantages Of Email Marketing

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Marketing through email is a very effective method to communicate with your customers. Generally it is very economical, and if properly done, can help create brand identification and dependability.

At an average of just a few centavos cost per message, it is definitely a great bargain in contrast to traditional “direct mail”. Furthermore, email marketing has a strong response rate which ranges from 5-35 percent depending on industry type and format.

One advantage of marketing email is the amount of information that clients supply when registering for your subscription email. By learning who your clients really are, including their gender, age, income and specially their special interests, you can target your services and products to accommodate their needs.

Advantages of email marketing:

1. Brings in interested audiences. Your offer can reach prospect clients that already have conveyed interest to your topic.

2. Cost effective. Compared to all other methods of direct marketing, significantly, email marketing is much less expensive.

3. Fast and effective. Conventional direct marketing methods, like direct mail, take up a lot time to make and execute. Then, you still have to wait for another few months to evaluate the results so to verify success. In permission or
“opt-in” email marketing, promotions can be implemented in just days with outcome traceable in actual time, providing you with instant and direct feedback as your campaign or promotion is in its development stage.

4. Responses are high. Generally, permission or “opt-in” email campaigns brings about higher response rates compared traditional direct ad promotion or even other kinds of online promotion or advertising.

Not like a website, wherein an internet user has to memorize the web address as well as remember and visit, an email ezine or newsletter regularly appears at certain intervals with no effort from your client. Over a certain period, it strengthens your perceived capability, educates your recipients regarding their demand for your products and services, then makes you their choice of provider when your recipients finally decides that it is time to employ someone.

Downloadable pieces such as ebooks are accessible instantly. For instance, when you are offering prospect clients an ebook with helpful information, by just visiting your website, click on your “landing page” and fill up details and in just minutes, your ebook is downloaded.

5. Email can perform tasks automatically. Autoresponders are practical and inexpensive and can be set on “auto pilot” to send specific information and reports to your recipients through email.

Autoresponders send emails automatically back to whomever that sent you email regarding information on the products or services that you offer.

Now your prospects obtain the information that they are asking regarding your business, your services and products for twenty-four hours everyday and yes, seven days in a week, without any individual to “follow-up” on each lead.

Disadvantages of email marketing:

1. Today, with the arrival of spam, email can be a poor environment to deal with. This means that prospects are mainly searching their email for particular messages from friends, family and colleagues then, all else is banned. However thanks to anti-spam programs and email servers that filters spam messages into the bulk folder. Take into consideration though, that some of emails can possibly be filtered to the spam folder when not permitted by the recipient.

2. Email messages need to be short. Prospects want quick and to the point information. Therefore a lengthy copy is definitely out. Complicated offers certainly are out. So are supporting arguments and facts.

3. Emails restrain your creativity. All text is quite boring and with email massages, text is the most essential part. You can not even create creative messages as your recipients demand straight to the point advertisements or reports.

Several small online businesses presume that the web has very little worth to them since they believe that their services or products cannot be sold easily online. However they are yet to discover the power of cost-effective information processing as well as electronic media or “email” can benefit most small online businesses supply faster and better communication and customer service.

Anybody can promote their website, advertise their products and get their ideas out simply using by the “Email” as the channel of delivering and making their message known to the world.

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The Benefits of Permission Email Marketing

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Email marketing is continuously getting more attention as years go by. Marketing is making a shift towards the Internet and email marketing is one of the major fields that promoters are getting into.

However, even if email marketing is getting more popular, it is somewhat getting a notorious image because of spammers. Spam is a term used for unsolicited emails which marketers use to be able to convey their marketing message. There has been a lot of action that has taken place in different states against spamming. One can actually be sued because of spamming.

Surveys have shown that around 70% of people who receive spam emails are somewhat annoyed or agitated. Majority of people don’t even open emails from suspicious senders or from people and companies whom they don’t recognize. They open emails from persons and companies whom they recognize and have affiliations with. This is the drama in the email marketing field.

However, email marketing is not coming to its end yet. There are ways on how to legally and ethically send marketing messages through electronic mail. One of the ways is “permission-based” email marketing.

Permission email marketing, as the name implies, takes into consideration the consent of the receiver in accepting emails containing marketing materials. Permission can be expressed or implied. Expressed permission is solicited when people check a box which states that they would want to receive email updates and marketing materials regarding a certain product or service. When they click on the “terms of agreement” of a certain website, it can be considered that there is an implication of consent to receive certain email messages.

There are a lot of advantages that permission email marketing gives a promoter as compared to spamming. Here are some of them:

1) Legality

As mentioned above, spamming is considered as an illegal activity and some states have developed laws and measures to be able to stop spammers. Permission-based email marketing is perfectly legal and this erases the risks and possible costs that are associated with being sued.

2) Ethical

Permission email marketing is seen as an ethical alternative to spamming. Even if one is not sued for spamming, it doesn’t imply that people are not irritated by the unsolicited emails. Sending marketing materials that are permitted by the receiver are given a “go-signal” and is considered totally ethical.

3) Promotes a good image

Companies which employ spamming activities to be able to market their products are instantly hated by the people who receive their emails. Permission-based email marketing gives a company and its product a good corporate image and therefore more appreciated by the targeted audience.

4) Target audience

Permission email marketing channels precious resources to the right audience. Spamming throws marketing efforts as if the promoter is blind. People who give their consent to receive emails regarding topics which are appealing to them are people who are willing to spend money for products in that field. Therefore, the right target market is reached rather than carelessly spreading the marketing message.

5) Avoids costs

Permission based email marketing avoids added costs. Aside from channeling resources to reach the right audience, permission marketing avoids costs that are associated by being sued by people who have been much irritated by spam emails. Other sanctions that are involved with spamming includes the loss of the company’s ISP.

6) Appreciation

Email marketing that is permitted is accepted by people with open arms. Spamming is not really accepted by the public and it is best that one does not engage in this activity.

A survey was done by a company called IMT Strategies in 2001 regarding the effects of permission email marketing versus the response that people make from receiving unsolicited email. 48% of people who receive marketing materials with their permission are curious to read the emails while only 16% are interested to read unsolicited email. The number of people who deleted email marketing messages with permission are half of those who deleted unsolicited email.

Permission email marketing gives certain advantages against spamming. It is a legal and ethical way of marketing through electronic mail and receives acceptance from the target audience.

Opt-in Email Marketing Tips

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Opt-in email refers to those promotional e-mails sent to individuals who have requested to receive them. Not like spam, wherein promotional emails are sent to a large number of recipients without considering whether such individuals want the information, opt-in emails generally are sent only to individuals who particularly requested for them.

Opt-in e-mails often are personalized, targeted and convey information regarding specific promotions or topics that clients are interested and concerned to learn about.

Usually opt-in e-mails include product information, newsletters, helpful articles and advices or special advertising offers. When for instance a user frequents a certain website selling music and books online, he can “opt in” to accept publications or notices each time his favorite musician or author releases a new material; promotional e-mails may also grant the user with a discounted offer only available for individuals in the “opt-in” list.

Even though this direct targeted email marketing and promotion is more expensive compared to bulk unsolicited email, surveys do reveal that this is more effective.

Opt-in email has many forms. The “single opt-in” list is established by inviting or requesting users to sign up through a “web form”. The moment they send the form, they are enrolled to be a member of that list.

You can take it a little further by adding another step, which is requiring all recent members to confirm or verify their subscription through email; this list then is commonly referred to as a “double opt-in”.

Confirmed or verified opt-in authenticates and supports that the email list truly is approved; this came to be the basis for qualifying the list as a recognized, “non-spam” method of communication in the business.

There are several businesses on the internet that can rent you a list of email addresses of individuals who opted to accept a commercial email. In most cases, they in actuality are not renting the list as you will not have any chance of seeing the concrete list. These companies charge a fee for every email address that they mail your message to.

As long as all who receives the email are not paid in order that they read the messages, as long as they are truly interested with the offers that they have signed up, this method of marketing may be profitable.

The problem here in most cases is that they charge between 10-20 centavos per email address as well as mailing it to a considerable amount of list so to obtain wonderful results; this can be relatively expensive. However when you can afford it, you will create excellent targeted traffic.

What about “opt-in series” email promotion?

Opt-in “series” email promotion or marketing works in such a way that you offer a charming and appealing free sample, gift, article or giveaway at your website, generally works successfully through a pop window and when visitors collects their freebie, then they are obliged to type in their email address and name. Now they are already subscribed to receive a series of your personalized and scheduled email reports and messages pre-written by you. The best series type is that which supplies free helpful and valuable information regarding a certain subject that can solve your customers’ problem.

A good quality “email series” will establish good relationships with prospect clients, which is something is more valuable and a point that is often overlooked by many online businesses. This approach can be personalized and fully automated as soon as you have done the structuring and setup work.

Here are guidelines so to be safe:

1. Never purchase someone else’s “opt-in lists”. The clients who opted or choose to receive email messages in that certain list wants receive email information from somebody else and not you.

2. Never purchase and use those types of programs called “millions of email addresses plus a bulk emailer program”.

3. Never sell your email list to someone else as well. Clients want to receive mail from you because in the first place, they want the information that you are providing them.

4. Consider a “double-opt-in” email procedure when gathering your very own list of emails from your website.

5. Do not use false header on your messages. Meaning, do not attempt to conceal your identity.

6. Never advertise or promote your website on all mailing lists newsletter whereby it was not collected through “double-opt-in”.

7. Without delay, fulfill and meet any request of removal from the list. Create a link that is simple to follow on all emails that you send.

When working on a plan, begin by asking yourself and determining the amount of e-mail addresses that you desire to obtain each month. Then, figure out the location or where your target clients frequent as well as the cost in order to obtain visitors to your website so you can invite or request them to “opt-in” to your list.

Good luck.

Modern Opt-in List Building Through Email

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Your opt-in email list is your medium in order to contact potential clients and create a trusting relationship and connection with them. In your opt-in email, you may guarantee valuable and useful information or freebies and as some kind of payment, visitors need to provide you with their “email address”. When you effectively deliver what you promised then clients will trust you.

When you deliver more than what clients have expected, or greater than what you have promised, not only will they trust you, but will really like you. This establishes the platform for the other significant transformation from a prospect client to a regular customer.

This method takes patience and a lot of time. Here are a few building guidelines so you can increase your list as well as your business.

1. Offer an exceptional gift or bonuses for clients’ subscriptions. When audiences are attracted to the topic of your article or newsletter, they will readily sign up or register for the course or subscription that you are offering. However, more often than not, you have to prove to your prospects that indeed, you are truly sincere in establishing a good relationship will all of them.

Meaning that you should provide solid, authentic and factual content from the very start; take note, good content and not advertisements. This can mean offering free courses or newsletters.

2. Provide several “opt-in” boxes on your home page or sales letter. Preferably, place the box at the bottom, the middle and the top of your webpage so that as your visitor reads on your “sales page”, and might be engrossed in the article you provided and will not notice your “opt-in box”; placing it in several positions there will be more possibility that he can see it and can type in their email address.

3. Your list must be viral-related. Create a free good quality, useful and information-packed article making certain that you display your website in the article and post it on forums and make it known that your article is free to anyone who wants it.

Marketers, as they are at all times searching for good quality articles to distribute with their listing, will then take your offer. Then the link to your website will be inspected by prospects who read and found your article useful to them.

Collecting addresses by yourself can prove to be very slow. One fast way of obtaining e-mail addresses is renting a “mailing list” from businesses. However, according to many online marketers, this task can be a lot harder than you have imagined.

If a mailing program allows you to mail only those you take into such a program, then it is possible that prospects will continue to read and react to the constant offers that you provide for just a certain period of time. So then you should search for a building program having rotating collection of recipients.

Seek for a “list building program” which focuses on growth. Make sure that the vendor give incentives when you introduce clients to their program as well as you have to be comfortable to the program so you can recommend it.

Here are some important questions to ask a “list building program” before deciding to rent their list:

1. Where and how are their e-mails gathered? Are their emails opt-in, whereby users voluntarily had given their email address and requested to receive emails?

2. How frequent do the email subscribers from their list get offers or freebies from other online marketers? You can obtain a “frequency cap”, that limits the amount of online marketers to utilize a particular list can guarantee that certain lists are not excessively mailed.

If the list manager can not provide you with the details regarding frequency of mailing, then it is best to look somewhere else for another firm that can provide such lists.

3. Are there new names which are regularly added to their list? How quickly are those requesting to be removed from the list erased from the email list? Frequent “new names” uploads and prompt removal of “unsubscribers” is essential for the modern online marketer.

4. Who and what are the lists’ target audience? Were the email recipients selected in accordance to particular subject of interest? Note that running an effective marketing campaign connotes that you are able to choose suitable and fitting demographics.

Everybody on the web is searching for information so to solve their problem. Provide that answer or solution in the form of a free article, ezine or newsletter and your “to be” clients will willingly supply you with their “email address” as an exchange.

Always remember that these mailing programs arranges you to be in connection with online users interested in the product the you offer, however the list is not yours; when you treat those prospects as your very own take good care of them, success is just around the corner.

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Modern Opt-in List Building Technique Through Email Marketing

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An opt-in list can be defined as a list or database that contains email addresses of people who consented to receive the advertiser’s email messages. The messages come in various forms, such as product and web site updates, or ezines. Opt-in lists are regarded as the most powerful marketing tool available on the world wide web, because opt-in lists can provide marketers with direct means of communication with potential customers, and gives a chance to promote products and services, plus building a continuing relationship with them.

Marketing through email has become the primary means of many advertisers to reach out to its customers. They are immensely attracted by the fact that email marketing allows them to communicate with their customers directly, with very minimal cost, compared to direct mail marketing.

Of course, it goes without saying that the key to a successful opt-in marketing is to acquire a large subscriber base. In setting up the list, one must first acquire a functional form processing script, which will be used to allow subscribers to disclose their personal information through a form and which will be sent to a specified address. In choosing the form, one must be certain that it allows the use of email templates. The templates will be necessary since it can allow email messages to contain any information that marketers would like to share when sent to potential customers. Then a pop email account should be created in the server for the lists. Afterwards, a database where subscriber information will be stored should be established. After installing plug-ins and group mail, the mailing list can now be created.

There are a lot of techniques available for making opt-in lists, and marketers should carefully select what works best for them. The thing is, a marketer should provide a reason why people should subsribe to them. There are lots of subscriptions available in the Internet, and people should be convinced that this particular subscription is worth the bother.

1. Offer incentives
Not surprisingly, one of the most effective techniques for getting the attention of users. Incentives must be something that can be valuable to them, and should be suitable for the target market. It could be an ebook or software download, or a discount on a product that is showcased.

2.Use popup windows
Popup windows can produce desirable results if used correctly. They should, by no means, irritate prospective customers. The key to utilizing them effectively is to join them with incentives. The popup should contain information about the product or service, and the provided incentive.

3. Submit articles
Marketers can create their own articles and have them published. Topics features should be those that the marketer is well acquainted with, and should be related to the product or service. These articles can be then published in ezines that are also in line with the offerings of the marketer, and make certain that the publication contains information on how to join the opt-in list.

4. Use alert boxes
This a more effective method than popup boxes. Alert boxes are shown through script, and will gather the name and email address of visitors. If they opted to subscribe, they click the box, and they will be added to the database. To maximize the chances, subcription boxes can be placed at every page of a web site.

5. Offer easy options for getting out of the subscription
It is necessary that options are available for subscribers if they want to discontinue the subscription. The best process to go about it is to automate the procedure right from the very start of the subscription. Members of the list can unsubscribe themselves easily with no hassle for the marketer.

6. Determine the appropriate frequency of mailing the messages
This will be largely dependent on the kind of newsletter that is being distributed. There are certain kinds of messages that recipients would like to get on a daily basis, such as jokes. Messages should be short and concise to make it easier for the subscribers to read. They don’t like to receive content that is bland and tedious, and will likely delete them without fully reading them.

7. Use text email instead of html
There are a lot of people who cannot read email done in html. Worse, some people cannot reply to html messages. Marketers must make sure that their emails are in proper format, something that is readable to recipients.

8. Guestbooks
The process is simple: personal invitations to join the lists will be given to people who register in guestbooks provided by sites. Add incentives to the invitation to entice them further.

The worth of a well-developed opt-in list will be never be emphasised enough. Marketers must never refuse an oportunity to encourage business contacts to sign up for the mailing lists. Web site visitors can be increased dramatically by employing the steps described above, and will surely bring results that will satisfy any discriminating marketer.