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Joint Ventures: How to Write an Irresistible Proposal

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Joint ventures are a partnership undertaken between two or more businesses for mutual gain.

To have a joint venture partner you have to seek out website businesses that is related to the products or services you are selling. After you found one, the hard part comes next. How do you convince them to have a joint venture?

You first have to write proposals. Joint venture proposals are a formal way of saying to your partner “Let’s make a deal and be partners.”

Joint venture proposals are far more successful in obtaining partners if they are brief, and to the point proposals. Remember that you are dealing with people that are same as you are. A ten-page proposal will simply not cut-it. It can become boring for the reader to read all the corporate jargon that is isn’t easy to understand, therefore, rejecting your proposal.

The first thing you have to remember to write in your proposal is the most common question of a potential partner. Whether they are an article publisher, a competing business owner or even if they are the CEO of some huge corporation, they will usually ask in different ways “What’s in it for me?”

They will often ask and wonder how your proposed joint venture will benefit them or their company.

Remember that people likes to take advantage, so explaining to them the benefits for their company a joint venture can give is very important to approve their partnership. Explain each benefit in detail and also in simple terms to get their attention.

It is very important that the benefit you offer them is accurate and also highly beneficial to their clients. Explain to them that it is very lucrative for your partners to have joint ventures. If you’re an experienced negotiator, you’ll know that giving them what they want to hear is best. And also keep in mind that it is always not about the money.

Now that you have an idea on how to write a proposal, now it’s time on how to write you proposal so that it gets the attention of your potential partner and not turn you down.

Research about your potential partner; determine what their specific need for their business. Look at their websites and look for their company mission or goal. This will reveal what your potential partner wants in a joint venture..

Make an offer they cannot refuse. The key again here is research. Try to find out what they want. Also, make it seem like they get more profit that you will. You will have to make it look like they have all the advantages and you are only asking for a few reasonable things. This will work for you in the long run, if your partner have many clients, it is possible that some of them may buy from your website and also you get free targeted internet traffic.

Make the proposal as easy to read as possible. Getting that illusive “yes” can be very easy if you keep your proposal brief and to the point. Include in your proposals their benefits. This is because many people are naturally lazy readers; they do not want to read technical terms that may seem so complicated and hard to understand. Tell them in your proposal formally that they are sitting on a gold mine.

Make your proposals personal. Relate to your potential partner as much as possible and avoid impersonal proposals. Impersonal proposals will only get a one second look from a potential partner and throws it away. Try to relate to your potential partners by giving them the same goals or missions as their company that you would like to achieve. If you really want to make an impression, send the proposal by hard copy through “snail mail”. It can look very professional and attractive.

Build a relationship with your potential partner. Most businesses will only do business with you if they know you well enough to trust you. Try to relate to your potential partners through your proposal.

In your proposal, add a sense of urgency, it’s no use that you will have to wait a long time just to hear them say no. However, write it in a discreet way, do not point out to them that you are in a hurry. It could lead them to think that you are overbearing, deceptive and unrealistic.

Why Engage in Website Joint Ventures?

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As the civilization enters the Age of Globalization, joint ventures have grown into thousands no make that millions. For the past decades, the growth of the number of members who engage in joint ventures has constantly increased.

Business before is highly different from now because even with the use of the recent technology such as the computers, you can earn money and make business even at your own home.

What really makes joint ventures so much pleasing to the people in the Web World?

Primarily, joint venture can make unutilized resources into more profitable source quicker and of lesser cost than doing it alone. From the name itself, it needs collaboration with other concerned companies who are interested in gaining more profit in internet marketing.

Joint venture simply refers to a method of business expansion in terms of websites. This is done through a collaborative effort for both major and mid-size website companies. Authors of certain websites get into deals with one another that can help boost the name of their site and attract more clients and subscribers.

Commonly, joint ventures partners are matched by the so-called “closed proposal process”. This is initiated via the Internet. In fact all the transactions that concern their profit making is communicated through Internet. They merely send their message through E-mail.

Simply, in a joint venture two or more group of web companies enter into an agreement that they will share all the resources surrounding their business. It can be comprise of capital, technology, risks and even rewards. All these factors will be held as single entity under one control. In other words, the concern of one site is also a concern of another site.

Prior to the entry in website joint ventures, there are important considerations that must be taken into account first. These include the following:

1. Deliberation on the Prospective Partners- The success of joint ventures will depend on you and your partner. Getting partner that will eventually ruin the entire entity can lead to bankruptcy. It is very important that you should conduct the necessary screening first to better assess if it will be a credible partner or not. Particularly in web world, you must be able to determine which the credible website authors are. Subscribers tend to refer more on the well-known authors.

2. Major contribution in the website is a major factor- Website is an avenue where you can advertise or publish a product. The entire package or design of the site is an advantage to attract clients. You have to look for a partner that can contribute in enhancing your individual websites.

3. Verify the credentials- One way for you to determine a good partner is to go over all the credentials that it has for the past years. Accomplishment and awards will also help determine if the website was in demand to the subscribers for the past years. You can also interpret its credentials through the ratings that the site has for the past few months or years.

4. Develop a particular concept that will fit the principle of both the website- Be able to determine the concept that you want for your website. You can also focus on the target market that you want to patronize your website.

5. Specification about the allocation of gains and losses- Once you have identified your partners in website joint ventures, things that deal on monetary aspect must be discussed between you and your partner. There must be an equal sharing of the gain, if not it will depend on your agreement.

6. Compensation must be thoroughly tackled- This will serve as a means to encourage participation with your partner. For every participation, it should be equated with just compensation. For instance, your product was also posted in the website of your partner and the client happened to order on his site, it only means that you are required to give the said website a commission.

Joint venture will assure you easy money. However, it should be taken into account that there must be a collaborative effort between you and your partner. Whatever gains that you have, your website partner should also have it.

Now, you probably know the reason for these people to crave for website joint ventures.

Make your Joint Venture Proposal Convincingly Irresistible

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If you do not know anything about it yet, joint venture is a scheme that will help you a lot. It does not cost much, or may not cost you anything at all. There are many ways to conduct joint venture partnership, but it will be very helpful for you to have an affiliate program.

Doing a joint venture partnership, either with a non-competitor or a competitor will mutually benefit both your online businesses. It allows both the joint venture partners to leverage on the existing resources of each websites involved in the joint venture. Instead of having second thoughts about it, why don’t you try it and see for yourself the results will be reflected on your site.

Deciding to do a joint venture partnership with other complementary web sites also allows you to provide your products and services and sell them on your partner’s website. You can invite the webmaster to do so likewise in your site. There is lots of other marketing opportunity presented in a joint venture deal. What’s more, it will not involve any expenditure on your part. Ideal, huh.

Well, if you are moved to a decision already, then all you need to do is plan your goals and start searching for ideal, credible and reputable web sites where you will give your proposal. Research your target partner web sites and their companies thoroughly.

Whatever may come up in the research may be important for you to know what they would most likely be looking for. Reading their mission statement can make you see how they make decisions.

When you finally made up your list of prospects, then you need to do joint venture partnership proposals. Here are some valuable pointers for you to write irresistible joint venture proposal.

Actually, the proposal you will write is a formal way or approach to a joint venture partnership prospect. Bare of all fancy wordings, it only means, “Let’s do a deal.”

Some proposals are far more successful and bring out positive results. This is true to brief and to-the-point proposals. Some long-winded and stereotypical proposals with pages and pages of technical jargon are usually ignored. Well, it is quite understandable.

Anyway, whatever partner you target for your joint venture project, a webmaster, ezine publisher, business owner, competitor, and the same questions would pop out of their heads once they receive and read your proposal. They would all be wondering what benefit they will get out of such a set-up you are proposing.

Therefore, however brief your joint venture proposal may be, its core should focus on explaining what benefits they would get out of agreeing to the proposal. Be straightforward in telling them what is in it for them. Once you have this pointed out, you need to go into details.

Remember always that your offer must cut straight to the heart of the matter, relevant and assure the partner of its being highly beneficial to both your clients. Remember, money is not always the thing they are after.

When you write your joint venture proposal be aware of what may really capture their interest. Make each offer so tempting, they would hesitate to turn it down. Each target partner deserves a totally different proposal according to your research on what is important for them.

Although not in too much length, describe the benefits of the partnership you are proposing. Continue on researching about them as you write your proposal. Make it easy for them to arrive at a decision and say “yes”.

Do not let your proposal go too far out and complicated though. Busy people cannot be bothered with such long-winded citations. Sometimes, too, people are just too lazy to care on reading on. As you draft your proposal, continue on simplifying it.

Of course, even if you sense from your research that they are not interested in the money, still make them see there is a potential earning to be had once they say yes. Always be scientific in explaining these. Do not give them falsehoods, for they also know their statistics.

Compose the proposal with personal undertones, as if you know him/her as a friend. Relate well with them and make them understand you are not just a machine ordered to compose something. It is also a good step to building rapport with them. Trust is an aspect that is hard to win from others but will reap great results once achieved.

Finally, if you want to really make an impact, send your proposal as a hard copy via FedEx. Sometimes, Email can be easily ignored, erased and forgotten. You can also add a note of urgency and hint that you will not wait too long to hear from them. However, do not appear arrogant, overbearing deceptive and unrealistic. Coin your words well.

Now that you know how to go on about it, start making your proposal and start putting on profitable joint ventures. With the right words and your very own business and marketing strategy, there will be no doubt as to the results of your efforts — profits!

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Get your Online Business Started through Joint Ventures

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Are you starting a web site solely for the purpose of online business? Well, it would be great to take advantage of the affiliate programs being introduced nowadays.

You can bet on it, you just need to look for reliable affiliate program software and this will get your product or service in front of thousands target customers within a space of a few hours.

Once you have chosen and finished loading the most applicable affiliate program on your website, your next move should be to give it a jump-start. Others would gladly spend enough money necessary to promote and advertise their products and services and affiliate partnership options. However, starting an online business is tough enough, without the added costs.

Stop fretting about limited advertising budgets! Joint ventures scheme will guarantee to jump-start your affiliate program without you having to spend a single cent on advertising. Haven’t heard of joint ventures yet? Then perhaps this article can help you.

A joint Venture is striking up a partnership or collaboration with a fellow webmaster with the bargain of mutual gains, especially in profits and profit sharing. How that would help promote your products to thousands of target customers, you may ask.

Well, though joint venture’s process is this simple, it is a powerful marketing strategy because, once your online business web site strike up a partnership with another web site, they already allow you to leverage the web assets of your partner site.

If your partner has Opt-in Lists or high traffic capability, then you also stand to benefit from these features. Leverage is a powerful marketing concept. Joint ventures utilize this to create a strong bonded relationship and goodwill among other companies, especially those with established people that are your potential customers/clients.

Joint venture’s main draw is that there can be no losing situation by applying it. You and your joint venture partner leverage each other’s assets and resources for mutual benefits. It is a total win-win solution. You gain customers, your joint venture partner win, and your customers and subscriber’s win.

You do not have to spend too much or even risk failure. You will not be risking anything ones a scheme has a total win-win solution. You also give a chance for your products to be marketed using other people’s resources. Once your joint venture partner is an established website already, you gain a very fast way of marketing your products and services.

Joint venture can also bring you new subscribers and customers without you having to spend anything. You get to leverage your partner’s web traffic and let your products and services be exposed to their existing subscribers and customers. For a starting web site, it is a struggle to increase traffic, by doing joint venture. You get necessary traffic and attract potential customers by the thousands.

When you campaign for joint venture deals with other web sites, select them carefully. As much as possible, do not limit your options on non-competitors. Make sure however, that they are indexed in Google. Cut deals with competitors and see if they grab the opportunity, too.

In choosing the joint venture partner, it is necessary to have a plan. Choose those websites related to your online business website. Take the time to locate those that sell to your target market. Consider also what products or services they are selling. Be clear about the attributes you seek in a partner. Also, in negotiating with your potential partners, always be prepared for that give and take scheme.

Once you have picked out the more related ones, then you can e-mail or chat with them regarding your proposal to strike up a joint venture deal. Offer them your products and services, complementary to theirs. You will find it easy to find companies that will gladly have you as their joint venture partner once your web site is reputable and your company is credible enough.

Once you got web sites that accepted your joint venture proposal, then it is necessary to make it a success for both of you. You need to clear up each other’s goals for the partnership.

You can also do a joint venture endorsement marketing, especially if you want to host products. In order to be successful in this scheme, you must build a strong relationship with your customers. You can also team up with hosts that have good relations with their audience, if you are going to be the beneficiary.

Joint venture partnership no only help in driving traffic to both your sites, you can also help each other in increasing search engine rankings. You can trade links. You can also contact ezine publishers and enter into a list building joint venture deal with them.

You can strike up with many other joint venture deals. All you need is a little creativity and practicality.

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How do you fast-forward your way into a joint venture business?

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Within your target market, find a business or company that has a website or its very own ezine. Approach and ask them if they want to join your affiliate program and if it would be possible for you to promote what you are offering on their site or ezine.

In return for this, offer to give your product for free. If you have your own ezine or website, offer to promote something for them also. Try to make an offer that they will find irresistible.

Make use of your very own subscribers and visitors. Nothing like giving out something for free to make them come running to your site. In these freebies, put your advertisement. It does not have to be too obvious. A subtle ad that has a link back to you is more than enough.

Using this technique, you will have an advertisement of yourself spread everywhere. Both you and your visitor get to benefit from this style. By giving some of your own, you will get more than what is expected.

Do not get into a losing competition. You cannot always win them all. Why not join them? Look for others having the same business as yours and form your own joint venture team. By combining all your income, advertising and resources, you can win over the bigger competition for sure.

The “team” can even cross-promote each other’s products and services. This will not only lessen the expenses you have to endure but it will also bring you more profit compared to having done it all by yourself.

Find ezine publishers catering to your target market. Let them know that you are partnering with other ezine publishers for your discounted offer and that you will give the ezine publisher who gives the most result a bonus.

But you have to make sure your bonus is very good. Try to make it unique with a little personal touch. You may not be close to that person but there are many advices you can look up to regarding what people, men and women, prefer as gifts.

Conduct more contests. Contests is not only an effective way of marketing, they can also cater to the different types of market. Get in touch with a website owner in your market. Recommend to have a contest by giving away some things that you are offering.

In return for what you have done, ask them to run your ad or place your ad on their website. If the contests you are offering is good enough, you can ask for a solo ad. Or they can put them in prominent places on their web sites.

Another type of contest you can do is what they call a “contest swap”. Tell them that you will promote their products is they will also promote yours. If both of you do not have anything to offer for this contest, you can always come up with something together.

Explain to them the benefits that this will bring to you and to them. This is a way of building a good relationship and partnership. By the time you approach them with another idea for a joint venture, they will go all out in helping you because they already have a trust on you.

Columns are another joint venture idea. You can write your own column and offer it to a website owner or a publisher. The more unique your content is, the better. The ones you are offering them into will be more than glad of an opportunity to have something that is not so ordinary. It is a fact that website owners are always on the lookout for fresh and original contents to be exchanged for advertising.

Get your business cards to work for you in joint ventures. Exchange these cards with other companies and businesses in your market. You hand out yours and they hand over theirs. That simple.

Just the traditional method of advertising, which is by word of mouth, this is always one of the best ways for you and your business to get around.

Now that these ideas on joint venturing are laid out for you, there is no reason for you to wait around any longer. Join one now.