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Top Indonesian Products On JVZoo 2017

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Top Indonesian Products On JVZoo:



HQ Motion Assets V.2
Vendor: elbamaputra


graphic socmuno
Vendor: Anugerah Syaifullah P


MultiPress WP Theme
Vendor: Tantan Hilyatana


[PLR] The Power of Positive Thinking
Vendor: Rony Handoko


Lets Animate Vol 3.0
Vendor: Reza aprian


Blankpager – Page Builder and Templates Plugin
Vendor: Ahmad Wahyudi


AmazingPro 3.0
Vendor: aries firmansyah


To Be A Google Partner, Business Opportunity With Unlimited Income Potential
Vendor: Muhammad Gilang Perkasa


Shiny Character Pack
Vendor: elbamaputra


icool Multipurpose Templates
Vendor: wahyu diansyah


Viral Share Apps – VIRALIZING your facebook now!!
Vendor: Gilang Gumilar


Vidfire | Attractive Animated Videos Template
Vendor: Azam Dzullfikar


Vidiobeat – Sales Convertion Booster
Vendor: Angga Kuswara


Magic Video Templates PRO – V3
Vendor: Arif Chandra


MusicMacho Pro – FE – Multisite
Vendor: IndigoThemes


Material UI Kit
Vendor: yanuar


Content Rocket – YouTube subtitles to wordpress post
Vendor: Hari


Real Case Study How I Promote Product Online

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After I finished to create and listing my product online, my next step is to promote the product using content multiplier and free traffic resources. In this point I already have my own software and tools or application on my desktop, but you can also try and find other similar service or tools online or use your freelancer if you have more budget. For the free resources I using video submit site like youtube, document sharing site like scribd and share to some free social accounts to get more traffic.


My 6 Steps Real Case Study How I Promote Product Online:


1. Getting article product review from my writer

article product review writer

If I don’t have time to write article by myself, I order the content to my trusted article writers. The article that I order should be finished between 1 to 3 days. Well, 3 days are so much better than I don’t have article to be publish with result get nothing. You can get your article on fiverr or any internet marketing forum, just find their thread about selling articles or content services.


2. Posting the article on my review blog

Blog post sample

Just copy paste the article from my writer to my blog review. I can edit about the description, tags or others component later. You can see my blog link for my sample of blog post with my product:

WP Notify Pro with MRR by Sir Timan

In this blog I use my pages section for my own products and the standard posts are for my affiliate products, but you can do whatever or wherever to publish your own articles on your blog.


3. Convert article to video format using article to video software.

text to video generator software

I use ConvertR software to do the job, the windows desktop software have features text to speech, music background and auto submit to youtube channel, but don’t have any special video effects to make the video more catchy. Even there are a lot of other article to video software to be choose, but I choose this software for getting fast results and not wasting too much time for getting video format files.


4. Submit the video format on Youtube

youtube dashboard channel

I just drag my video format files to youtube uploader, while the video being upload, I put title, description, tags and checklist my channel. I also use my own thumbnail to get more attractive for the viewers. I always put my blog post link on the description of the youtube video so people can easy to visit my blog review.

WP Notify Pro with MRR by Sir Timan on Youtube


5. Convert article to PDF format using OpenOffice

openoffice text document demo

Back to the article from my writer, I copy and paste to OppenOffice as a text document and convert to become pdf file. I also insert my blog and youtube links on the text document. After I got my pdf file as an ebook that will be my next step is to submit on many document sharing sites.


6. Submit the pdf format on Scribd

scribd upload dashboard

I have a lot of happy feedback when publish content on document sharing sites. beside rank faster on search engine also bring a nice authority for my links or blogs that I promote. The work on dealing with creating pdf I think is more easier than upload video on video sharing sites. All I have to do just drag my pdf file from my desktop to the scribd upload dashboard. Putting my blog review link on the description, input some tags and I put youtube link too on the description of the Scribd content dashboard. If I’m done I can grab embed link from Scribd to put on my blog review also.

OK, that’s the real case study about how to multiplied my article into many popular authority sites using some powerful tools or desktop application that most of them can be download for free. Doing all of this should be take more time if I doing it by myself but for you to free decide about hiring virtual assistance or using premium tools to get the job done fast. Why am I doing this? I believe and also prove with myself all the results can bring so much positive impact for my business, getting traffic, SEO rank and more sales for my products than not do nothing. You can feel free to try and please share this post to your followers for the best content to be their knowledge. Sharing is caring, thanks.

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3 Simple Ways to Get More Offline Clients

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Obtaining clients can appear to be a difficult challenge for many businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers. But the key factor in obtaining these clients is to think outside of the box.

Below are three simple ways to get more clients in order to maximize your business’s potential.

Encourage Referrals

Encourage your friends, family members and current clients to give referrals. In return you could give a bonus for every lead that converts.

Host a contest to reward the top referring person or persons. Word-of-mouth referring is one of the best marketing strategies as it is one of the least expensive, yet most effective lead generators.

Attach Marketing Items to All Correspondence

When you send an email, make sure your signature lines include all relevant contact/connect information, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media profile links.

Include a link to your blog or website with a short description of a current or upcoming promotion of new products and services. Additionally, attach your marketing materials to invoices, payment reminders and other outgoing correspondence.

Take Advantage of Free Advertising

Sites such as Craigslist and eBay are excellent channels of scoring offline clients. It costs nothing to post an ad in the general or small business sections of your local Craigslist page. Many people forget to utilize eBay’s free classifieds to advertise.

To maximize your success of attracting potential customers, make your ad more visually appealing with images. You don’t have to know Photoshop and other high-caliber software to do so. If you’re not looking to hire a freelancer to design your ad but you are familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint or Publisher, you can design your own ad and generate an HTML code for your image by simply uploading it to sites such as Photobucket.

Obtaining clients offline requires effort, consistency and often creativity. When one strategy seems useless, re-strategize by researching ways that have proven effective. Make sure you have a marketing plan that includes some current marketing trends and modify it accordingly.

Top 5 Traffic Methods To Drive Thousands Of Targeted Visitors To Your Site

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This article discusses the top 5 methods of generating unique traffic to your business website to improve leads generation, sales and profit taking.

Your business cannot thrive online if you don’t know how to generate targeted traffic to your website. Here are your top 5 traffic generation gems.

1. Build an email list:

After building your business website the next most important thing you need is a mailing list. A mailing list is the lifeblood of your online business sales my friend.

It is often said and rightly so that the money is in the list. You need to get a good auto-responder service provider to help manage your mailing list efficiently.

2. You need to start a business promotion blog:

No business can survive without aggressive marketing and promotion on and offline. The best known tool for online business website promotion is a blog. Use the blog to generate unique and high quality content focusing on your niche market.

You should also use the blog to teach and inform your target market about your product or service. The major function of a business promotion blog is to send targeted traffic to the main site.

3. Make use of article marketing to generate targeted traffic:

Article marketing is a highly effect way of generating qualified traffic to you business website. It is easy, simple and profitable method of driving useful visitors to your site.

All you need is to write unique and high quality 500 words long articles and submit them to various article directories on the internet.

These articles should have links pointing back to your business website and information about you in the author’s bio box.

4. Video Marketing is an essential tool for traffic generation:

Video marketing is the best method that you can use to generate targeted traffic to your business site. People are lazy by nature and they prefer listening than to read articles on an irritating and tiring computer screen.

People trust human beings better than text messages my friend. A video marketing lets you communicate face to face with your customers. This helps to increase trust and thus leads conversion rates. You may want to work with YouTube.

5. Social Media Marketing:

You need to open user accounts on various social media and social networks like Facebook and twitter. Social platforms are a major source of traffic if done properly and professionally.

These platforms have millions of members and if used well you can drive huge chunks of targeted traffic to your business website to grow sales and revenue generation.

Creating a Tailored Internet Marketing Plan

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There are numerous aspects involved in developing an Internet marketing plan. From budget to end goal, website marketing is a long-term process.

It is also detailed process, which is the reason many site owners hire a marketing specialist to help them plan.

To start, you must think about the major goal of the marketing campaign. Do you want to increase customer loyalty, boost brand awareness or sell products?

A correctly executed Internet marketing strategy can take an e-commerce business to new levels if all steps are geared toward reaching that final goal.

Your campaign will be limited by your marketing budget. Many website owners start with a small amount of money, gradually increasing the budget to the highest, yet still comfortable level.

An Internet marketing budget can be unlimited, and you may never reach your entire customer base. Stick with what you can afford, and work within your budget’s confines.

Learn about the direct competitors in your niche by searching for your website’s keywords.

You will realize that some businesses are more competitive than others. And potential customers who are searching for services or products offered by your company will usually choose highly ranked websites.

Therefore, any site listed above your site is a competitor. Thoroughly research their services and products, and learn their strengths and weaknesses.

Make any necessary improvements to your website. Remember, a site is similar to a storefront. The more enticing the website’s design, the more traffic and sales the business will garner.

Your services and products should not be carbon copies of your competitors, even if you must increase the quality of your items or include extras in your service packages.

Finally, identify the customer base you want to target, and advertise in places where they frequent. There are even some sites, particularly social networks, that will place business advertisements in front of a certain audiences to which the ads are targeted.