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Top PLR Products on JVZOO January 2018 [UPDATE]

Published / by Sir Timan
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PLR Rewriting Formula Review – The First and The Best PLR Rewriting Formula

Published / by Sir Timan
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plr rewriting quick tutorial

What is PLR Rewriting Formula?

They said that PLR product is a good investment to make money online. That’s because you have a prospective digital product you can sell as your own product after you rewrite and edit it. It is true that PLR product gives you opportunity to make money, but you’re not the only one bought the same PLR product. How you create new product from PLR product is the key of success in this business.


PLR Rewriting Formula Demo?

Let’s admit that rewriting PLR product isn’t your favorite thing. It takes hours to rewrite and edit the PLR and that’s no guarantee the result is good enough to get promising sales. Without the effective method to rewrite PLR, it won’t be a promising investment and you end up wasting your money. It is time to make sure you can really turn PLR product into a prospective asset. What you need is PLR Rewriting Formula. This is the ultimate guide to rewrite PLR effectively with optimum result. This ebook can change your life forever.


PLR Rewriting Formula Price

plr rewriting price service


This ebook offers simple strategies to rewrite 100% unique PLR. More importantly, it has step by step guideline to improve your rewriting capability even with better performances. You will learn to be more focused and work faster. It helps you to really able to turn one PLR into unlimited products.


PLR Rewriting Formula BONUS



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Real Case Study How I Promote Product Online

Published / by Sir Timan
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After I finished to create and listing my product online, my next step is to promote the product using content multiplier and free traffic resources. In this point I already have my own software and tools or application on my desktop, but you can also try and find other similar service or tools online or use your freelancer if you have more budget. For the free resources I using video submit site like youtube, document sharing site like scribd and share to some free social accounts to get more traffic.


My 6 Steps Real Case Study How I Promote Product Online:


1. Getting article product review from my writer

article product review writer

If I don’t have time to write article by myself, I order the content to my trusted article writers. The article that I order should be finished between 1 to 3 days. Well, 3 days are so much better than I don’t have article to be publish with result get nothing. You can get your article on fiverr or any internet marketing forum, just find their thread about selling articles or content services.


2. Posting the article on my review blog

Blog post sample

Just copy paste the article from my writer to my blog review. I can edit about the description, tags or others component later. You can see my blog link for my sample of blog post with my product:

WP Notify Pro with MRR by Sir Timan

In this blog I use my pages section for my own products and the standard posts are for my affiliate products, but you can do whatever or wherever to publish your own articles on your blog.


3. Convert article to video format using article to video software.

text to video generator software

I use ConvertR software to do the job, the windows desktop software have features text to speech, music background and auto submit to youtube channel, but don’t have any special video effects to make the video more catchy. Even there are a lot of other article to video software to be choose, but I choose this software for getting fast results and not wasting too much time for getting video format files.


4. Submit the video format on Youtube

youtube dashboard channel

I just drag my video format files to youtube uploader, while the video being upload, I put title, description, tags and checklist my channel. I also use my own thumbnail to get more attractive for the viewers. I always put my blog post link on the description of the youtube video so people can easy to visit my blog review.

WP Notify Pro with MRR by Sir Timan on Youtube


5. Convert article to PDF format using OpenOffice

openoffice text document demo

Back to the article from my writer, I copy and paste to OppenOffice as a text document and convert to become pdf file. I also insert my blog and youtube links on the text document. After I got my pdf file as an ebook that will be my next step is to submit on many document sharing sites.


6. Submit the pdf format on Scribd

scribd upload dashboard

I have a lot of happy feedback when publish content on document sharing sites. beside rank faster on search engine also bring a nice authority for my links or blogs that I promote. The work on dealing with creating pdf I think is more easier than upload video on video sharing sites. All I have to do just drag my pdf file from my desktop to the scribd upload dashboard. Putting my blog review link on the description, input some tags and I put youtube link too on the description of the Scribd content dashboard. If I’m done I can grab embed link from Scribd to put on my blog review also.

OK, that’s the real case study about how to multiplied my article into many popular authority sites using some powerful tools or desktop application that most of them can be download for free. Doing all of this should be take more time if I doing it by myself but for you to free decide about hiring virtual assistance or using premium tools to get the job done fast. Why am I doing this? I believe and also prove with myself all the results can bring so much positive impact for my business, getting traffic, SEO rank and more sales for my products than not do nothing. You can feel free to try and please share this post to your followers for the best content to be their knowledge. Sharing is caring, thanks.

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Article Marketing: Making the Perfect Resource Box

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Making a quality article is not enough for it to sell; you have to make a resource box. It’s true that quality article writing can benefit your business by generating targeted traffic but it can also benefit you as a writer.

Besides promoting your business, a reader will sometimes be someone who is looking for a good writer. If you made a quality article and didn’t include a resource box, the person who is looking for a good writer to employ will never know how to contact you.

A resource box contains all the information about the writer; it will be like your calling card. Since there are so many people in the internet employing good writers, you can also make extra money by writing for someone. This means that your day job or your online business will not be the only source of income you’ll have. Writing is also a good business.

To make a resource box, here are some of the important items that you should include:

• Your full name: It is very surprising that many people who writes an article and post them in article publishing websites forgets to put their name on it. Your name should be the first thing you should put in a resource box.

• You should also include your website URL. People who would want to see more of your articles would really want to visit your website. People who are looking for writers would often visit the writer’s website to take a look of your other articles.

• Including your elevator pitch will get people more interested in you. Put 1 to 3 sentences that say about what makes your offer different from others.

• Now that you have their attention, you now have to make a reason for them to visit your website or buy from you. Since your submitted article contains only some few information about your product it is best that you should invite people into your website. Remember to give only one specific reason to visit your website.

These are the most important content of a good resource box. However, there are other optional items that would be beneficial to include.

• You should include the article publishing website URL in your resource box. Include all articles publishing website that you have submitted your articles. This is because people can read more of your articles from other article publishing websites.

• Include your contact information such as, your phone number, email and address. It creates a sense of professionalism. People who are hiring writers will be able to contact you and speak to you personally. By doing this, people may even invite you to speak on seminars and workshops. Paid or not, do not reject them, this can be good for your reputation and many other opportunities will come.

• Include a sentence that you will give free reports and of course you should provide them the free report. This will further enhance your credibility. Some people will think that you hired someone to do the articles for you. By creating a free report they can be surer that you wrote the article yourself.

Now you’re ready to post your articles in article publishing websites. You now have the idea to market your articles. However, don’t overdo your resource box. Here are some things that you should not include in your resource box. These are some of the most common mistakes people make in a resource box:

• If you have several websites, do not include every single one of them in your resource box. This will ruin your credibility. Post only your website that is related to the topic. If you post a link of each of your website that has nothing to do with the topic, it will make people think that you are a scammer.

• Do not post all of your achievements, people don’t care. Remember to keep a resource box simple and to the point. A resource box is for your information not for your ego.

• Make your resource box small. It should not be larger than one-fifth of your article size.

By making a resource box, it will give you a sense of professionalism and also could make people think that you are an expert on the topic. Be sure to follow these guides and you can have many business opportunities in the future. Again, do not forget to include your name.

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Article Marketing: Promoting your Website

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You have created your online business website. Your product inventory is in place, every button and link is working the way they should be, everything is perfect. Except that no one’s visiting your site, therefore no one buys your products. Why?

It’s simply because there is no targeted internet traffic to your website or no one knows your website even exists.

Targeted internet traffic means that there should be specific people entering your website. You should generate targeted internet traffic to boost your ranking in your search engine so more people can find your website.

To generate targeted internet traffic to your website you should advertise your website. You may have seen products being introduced on TV or the newspaper. It works the same in the internet; you have to grab people’s attention that they would actually visit your website. You may ask how do you this?

The answer is simple. Write articles.

Writing articles is one of the best forms of advertising in the internet. Firstly, it’s free, and everyone wants something for free, so this is good. Secondly it’s effective, with the right article writing strategy, you can get your article readers to get hooked on reading your articles and may visit your website and buy your products.

To write an article you must first think of a subject or topic that would be related to your product. If you’re selling pet products, you might want to write about pets. After you thought of a topic to discuss, research about it, make sure you’re research are all facts about your topic. You can also base your research on other articles.

After you have compiled your research, read it, digest it and write about it. Try to make your article short, simple and easy to read.

You have to write quality articles and submit them to good article publishing websites, by doing this, you can be sure that you’ll get targeted internet traffic to your website. It is also the easiest type of advertising, not only that it’s free but also that it can generate a sufficient amount of targeted traffic.

By writing quality articles you also achieve things that will improve your sales:

• Writing quality articles can improve the targeted internet traffic to your website.
• If targeted internet traffic keeps coming in your website, it improves your search engine rankings, therefore when someone searches for a website that sells the same products as you are, the search result will often include your website on the first two pages.
• Writing quality articles also shows that you are knowledgeable about the topic, therefore builds your credibility, if you have good reputation, the people who bought your product will recommend your website to friends and their friends will recommend your website to their friends and so on. It creates a network of customers.

As you can observe, writing high quality articles can bring you targeted internet traffic, improve your search engine rating and also builds your reputation. It’s good that you are viewed by people as an expert in the topic, it will bring in customers.

Writing articles is easy, before writing an article here are some guidelines that you can consider:

• Research about your topic.
• Read, digest and write.
• Submit at least two articles every week to keep your readers updated.

If you do not have the talent for writing quality articles, you can always pay someone to do it for you, what you do is put up an ad that says that you are hiring people to write 20 articles for a specific topic. After you receive their article, pay them the agreed upon amount. There are many people in the internet looking for article writing job, so you’ll have no difficulty finding one that can write for you.

Now, you have your website, your links and buttons are working as they should be, your products are ready for selling, and you posted your quality articles in an article publishing websites. The most challenging part now is keeping up with your customer’s order for your product. Maybe you need a bigger inventory or better delivery system.

It’s that easy and simple. Just remember to include your website URL on every article you post.

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